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How to Work Remotely: 5 Tips to Maximize Productivity

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Let's get down to business.

Technological advances and new communication platforms allow you to be an efficient team member from almost anywhere these days. While working from the comfort of your home may sound like a luxury, adjusting from the commuter lifestyle to commuting to your kitchen may take some time. Transitioning to WFH due to the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed our team to gather a few tried and true tips to maximize productivity (and stay sane). 

1. Stick to a routine

Developing a routine while working remotely is one of the most effective ways to stay on track. Set a schedule for yourself, whether that be starting your day by getting a workout in or having a fulfilling breakfast. Fostering a structured routine creates good habits and sets you up for success. 

2. Get dressed

Leave your sweatpants behind. Getting dressed in office attire sets the tone for the day. While you might not necessarily need to wear a full suit, putting on work-appropriate clothes allows you to approach the day with confidence and helps you mentally differentiate leisure time from work. 

3. Set up a workspace

It is important to find a space to dedicate to your work. While your living room couch may be calling your name, try to recreate an “office” environment, whether that be working from a desk or even your kitchen counter. This way you can steer clear from distractions and help you focus on the responsibilities at hand. 

4. Communicate with coworkers

At Roessel Joy, we take pride in our workplace environment. Now that we are remote for the time being, we make the conscious effort to communicate with each other often and effectively.  We have daily video call meetings at 8:30am, 12:00pm and 4pm to check in on each other and hold each other accountable. We also regularly meet via Zoom from 3pm-4pm where we chat and work like we are in the office. Not only does this boost productivity, but also createa sense of normalcy 

5. Take breaks

In order to avoid burnout, step away from your computer and take a break. Taking a few minutes to go outside, take a walk or grab a coffee will allow you to come back more focused, finishing out your tasks with a fresh mindset.  

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