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How to Answer the Most Difficult Interview Question

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"What are your weaknesses?"

The one question that has plagued every interviewee since the beginning of time. People tend to freeze up when asked this question, thinking “How can I tell them something I’m bad at without it reflecting poorly on me?” Some may even ask, “What is the point of this question?” Overall, when an interviewer asks this question, it is easy to be left with ambiguity and indecision about how to respond. Here is our foolproof way to answer this question confidently during your next interview: 

Turn a negative into a positive.

Instead of telling the interviewer that you like to hit the snooze button in the morning, or you prefer to leave early so you can play video games, highlight a positive quality you possess. For example, when thinking about your weaknesses, talk about weaknesses that pertain to the position. If you are interviewing for a role in a high-volume environment, where you will constantly have work to do, mention a weakness that highlights your work ethic and displays a willingness to always be doing more. 

Confused? Let us explain.

One option for this scenario would be, “I have a difficult time with work/life balance. I love to always be working and taking on more responsibilities, never saying no to more assignments.” This answer shows the interviewer that you are constantly willing to put in the effort to get the job done well and help wherever needed.  

Some may ask, “Well what if they think I’m complaining?” They won’t. They will see a strong desire to always assist when needed and may even go into a dialogue about their mission to provide a strong work/life balance for the team. 

What to avoid:

There are definitely answers you should steer clear of. Do not give answers that will diminish your skillset or ability to be a team player. If you said, “I have a hard time getting to work punctually,” or “Sometimes I don’t get along with others,” you’re telling the interviewer you struggle with fundamental aspects of being a good employee. When you are generating answers about your weaknesses, be sure there is always a positive note to land on.  

This is one of the most challenging questions to answer. However, by remaining confident and allowing your weaknesses to also highlight your strengths, you will impress the interviewer and be one step closer to landing the job in no time. 

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