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Meet the Team: Mary Horn

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For our next “Meet the Team” segment, we sat down with Staffing Manager Mary Horn to learn more about her role and why she loves what she does. We are so lucky to have her bright personality and work ethic on the team!

What is your role?

currently work as a Staffing Manager. I started at Roessel Joy last May as a Recruiting Associate, transitioned into a Senior Recruiting Associate position and most recently started as a Staffing Manager. I’ve loved taking on the responsibility of training and working with the new recruiters. 

Why do you like working at Roessel Joy?

Overall, it’s been really cool to watch Roessel Joy grow. When I first started, we were a smaller team, in a smaller office space. This March, we moved into a brand-new office with more room and have hired, and are currently in the process of hiring, more people to join our team. There are a lot of exciting expansion plans for the future of Roessel Joy, which we can’t wait to unveil!

Also, I have been afforded so many great opportunities at RJ. Chris and Jonas both have years of experience in the staffing industry and they have taught me everything I know. I am very grateful for them.

Finally, the people! We have such a great culture and dynamic within our team. It makes me want to be back in the office with all of them ASAP! 

What values drive and motivate you?

Honesty and respect make up the basis of who I am.  

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

really enjoy getting to meet so many different people with different backgrounds and experiences. When I place candidates with their dream jobs, feel like I am making a real difference in their life. It is so rewarding when we hear positive feedback from candidates who love their new jobs and are happy with how we helped them through the process.  

What is your favorite piece of career advice?

Work hard and respect others- it always pays off in the end. 

What is one thing we should know about you that we can’t find on LinkedIn?

In my free time you can find me on the beach, boating or fishing.  You can also find me spending time with my family, friends or enjoying a good margarita somewhere (classic skinny marg is my go to!) 

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